Burning at the stables of the Cavallerizza Reale of Turin, arrested the pyromaniac: he is a homeless man


The man was framed by the images of the cameras that the agents of the Turin police station had installed at the Cavallerizza for an investigation of a drug dealing activity in the building: the surveillance system took over the homeless while pouring flammable material and trying to set fire with a lighter first in the Tempietto area, then in the Granai area.

The day after the fire, the pyromaniac had been heard by the agents, but had denied being in the Cavallerizza at the time of the fire and having spent the night at the Murazzi del Po, also in the Piedmontese capital. His testimony, however, has been denied by the videos.

Turin: the Cavallerizza Reale, a UNESCO heritage site, is on fire

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