Brovarone: "I am shocked by what happened in the Naples home. There is another lack of respect"


The well-known market operator spoke on the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli and talked about the difficult moment at the home of the Neapolitans.

To the mophophones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli the market operator intervened, Bernardo Brovarone. These are his words: "I am quite upset by what happened at home in Naples. The presidents must have respect from the players given the professional relationship there is. Napoli made a mistake, it was necessary to recognize that the cycle had ended with some players and to restart. great care must be taken of the modern footballer, in November you cannot blow up an entire season ".

Then Brovarone added: "Silence press? The fan has the right to hear the voice of the protagonists, this is another lack of respect". Meanwhile, as is known, Carlo Ancelotti has imposed on players the withdrawal from today in view of tomorrow night's match against Genoa at 8.45pm. The hope of everyone, mainly of the fans, of course, is that there may be a shock in the league to restore some oxygen to the season that is currently experiencing an unbearable apnea.

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