Brexit, a fee of 700 euros for access to medical care


Tax on health for Europeans after Brexit: a blow of over seven hundred euros that will fall on EU citizens starting from January 2021, that is when the transition period that will follow the exit of London from the EU, scheduled for next January 31st.

the main measure contained in the immigration package made public today by the government, whose goal is to equate European immigrants with those outside the EU after Brexit. Currently in Great Britain, EU citizens are entitled to free medical care, provided by the British Health Service, while non-EU citizens must pay a fee of 400 pounds. Starting from 2021, on the other hand, everyone will be subject to the payment of 625 pounds (about 720 euros, at current exchange rates), regardless of geographical origin: this is the only way to access medical care.

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The British government makes it a matter of equity: Making access to the health service fairer is part of a fairer immigration system in general – explained Minister Michael Gove -. Not correct that people from Bulgaria or Slovenia can come here and automatically have rights that do not have those that come from Bangladesh or Singapore. But on the other hand in this way the Europeans will lose a right that had been guaranteed to them for decades (the measure concerns only the new arrivals, those who are already in Great Britain before the Brexit will continue to have free health).

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Also tight on general arrivals: after Brexit A point immigration control system that privileges skilled workers will come into force. And you won't be able to move to Britain without having a job offer in your pocket (the only exception is scientists and entrepreneurs who want to start a business). So the flow of thousands of young Italians who every year land in London in search of opportunities is blocked (and in any case woe to get sick, you risk financial loss).

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