Brescia, Ultr press release: "Balotelli Italian, but arrogant! Verona curve not KKK den"


According to the ultras of Brescia, an unjustifiable witch-hunt against the Veronese was unleashed after the clash with Mario Balotelli.

Through an official statement, the Curva Nord Brescia commented on the facts of Verona, who have seen Balotelli victim of racist incidents: "We were not in Verona because the card prevented us, at the stadium we are profoundly apolitical and for this reason we do not feel better than other groups. The supporters cannot be considered racist, in every team more and more players from other countries play. Unfortunately, racism exists, it existed and perhaps will always exist Balotelli? Although none of us know Mario Balotelli personally, we must admit that we had conflicting opinions (compared to those who call him a sacrificial victim) and not very flattering about him from the first who wore our jersey Besides, we were not the only ones to have had doubts about him, if it is true that thousands of fans from different Italian / foreign squares first welcomed him with open arms, and then disavowed him for his attitude (and certainly not for the color of his skin), sometimes childish, often unsavory, after all his feats in and above all- uori from the soccer fields, the famous "Balotellate" for instance, are by now a known and overt history. This is not why we opposed or denigrated him when he arrived in Brescia; on the contrary, we have accepted and respected him like all the other Brescia players who wear our Jersey, less famous players than him, but who have shown – right from the start – passion and a spirit of sacrifice. The fact that you live in Brescia and you wear our Jersey, however, does not raise it above everything and everyone, and the arrogance that seems to shine through all the time is not justifiable, especially when you wear it on the field and it becomes a cause for destabilization for the team and tension and embarrassment for the fans (as far as Brescia is concerned, we refer in particular to the middle finger exhibited as a response to Inter fans for their choir against, perhaps offensive and provocative , but certainly not racist, not to mention the photographer Balotelli -after the replacement "suffered" in Marassi- broke the camera he was working with). That being said, we are extremely convinced that Balotelli is in all respects Italian, and – as far as we are concerned – even from Brescia (although he has always shown his passion for Milan), but he must be convinced of one thing: precisely because he plays in Brescia from Brescia, his dedication to the cause and his commitment must be equal – or even superior – to those of his companions (who among other things must not be forgiven a past to say the least … over the top), above all must be greater than those lavished to date, and with this of course not we are referring to the only two goals made, which are also irrelevant. For us, what matters most is the spirit of sacrifice, passion, respect, motivation, the sweaty jersey, concepts that at the moment would seem unknown to him (for this we hope to be soon proven wrong). If he was not psychologically ready to face a supporter like that of Verona and – above all – a game as delicate as that on Sunday, in which a city (ours) played salvation and a coach – among the most beloved of all – was played his last chance, he had to say it and give way to someone less … nervous than he; no one would be pissed off, on the contrary … It does not mean that some choirs are legitimate and acceptable, but neither does the Gialloblu fans are all racists, and that the Verona curve is a sort of KKK's den, as some would have us believe (this is also demonstrated by the fact that provoking it) seriously "Balotelli were very few fans, among other things" untied "by the choirs of the rest of the Curva)".

ON THE VERONA FACTS – "Furthermore, as questionable, the personal statements in the post-match of one of the leaders of the Curva Veronese cannot justify the witch hunt unleashed by the media and institutions in the umpteenth attempt to criminalize and finally execute the entire Ultras world. of the provision implemented by the Verona company, which thanks to the possibility of applying the ethical code (which we so much dispute), will prevent the entry of Bentegodi for more than ten years to one of his historical fans, who had the audacity to express in the post-game, perhaps a very strong thought (which is not shared by us, as we have already explained), but which certainly has little or nothing to do with the stadium and cheering in general, which is why we feel we should condemn every gesture, every provocation hostile and discriminatory towards all our players, and not only, but at the same time, we want to give our solidarity to those who have suffered yet another a liberticide decision, this time not from the Questura, which evidently did not consider the aforementioned attitude so serious, but from its own company ".

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