Brescia, the ultras to Balotelli: "If he wasn't ready for Verona, he could not play"


BRESCIA – It is a break between the ultras of Brescia and Mario Balotelli. With a statement, the Curva Nord decides to distance itself from SuperMario after the fierce controversy born last Sunday in Verona. "If he was not psychologically ready to face a supporter like that of Verona and – above all – a game as delicate as Sunday's, in which a city (ours) played salvation and a coach – among the most beloved of all – yes he was playing his last chance, he had to say it and leave the place to someone less … nervous than he was;

"Verona curve is not KKK"

The leaders of the Curva then take the defense of the "colleagues" of Verona attacking the press and still Balotelli: "The personal statements of one of the leaders of the Curva Veronese (Luca Castellini, ed) can not justify the witch hunt unleashed by the media and institutions in the yet another attempt to criminalize and finally execute the entire Ultras world. This does not mean that some choirs are legitimate and acceptable but neither does the Gialloblu fans be all racists and that the Verona Curva is a sort of KKK lair. they can be considered racist but racism exists and is often used to create a new alarmism among the public. This unconventional language is used more and more often by public and political figures, to whom of course nobody would ever think of applying the code of ethics " . Then the accusation to Mario: "We are extremely convinced – the note goes on, referring to the middle finger exposed against the Inter fans and the broken camera to the photographer in Genoa – that Balotelli is in effect Italian, and even from Brescia. , but the arrogance that seems to constantly shine through his person is not justifiable. The famous 'Balotellate' are by now a known and overt story. What is most important is the spirit of sacrifice, passion, respect, motivation and shirt sweaty, concepts that at the moment would seem unknown to him.We feel we must condemn every gesture, every manifestly hostile and discriminatory provocation, however, we want to give our solidarity to those who have suffered yet another liberticidal measure, this time not from the Questura, which evidently he did not consider the aforementioned attitude so serious, but from his own society.

playing …

Solidarity with Corini

But that's not all because the Brescian supporters decided to express their solidarity with Eugenio Corini, exonerated by President Cellino after the Bentegodi ko. Some thirty Brescia 1911 ultras protested under the offices of the company headquarters against the exoneration of the promotion coach. The fans sang some choirs for the former coach and hung a large banner with the words "thanks Eugenio". Even choirs against society. After exploding some firecrackers and after about ten minutes they left. The climate remains very tense.

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