Brescia, protest mayor: returns 1000 euro to the state in 1 cent coins


Due to a delay in reporting, the municipal administration of Malegno, a town in the Alta Vallecamonica in the province of Brescia, will have to return to the state five per thousand that the inhabitants, two thousand in total, devolved to the town hall in 2014. To protest the mayor Paolo Erba has prepared the sum, around one thousand euros, in six bags of penny cents, for a total of 168 kilos.

The words of the mayor

"Now the ministry is coming to collect the money," says the mayor. "I have the feeling of being considered the Banda Bassotti who tries to rob Scrooge McDuck of his bags full of coins," he adds to explain the protest. The municipal administration of Malegno reported the sum of five per thousand with 20 days delay, and for this the ministry asked to repay the money.

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