Breath suspended for little Alvin, snatched from extremists. Dad: he had to be home already


Arab sources, later picked up by an Albanian news agency, said that my son had been released. That he was coming home to me and his sisters. They wrote that it was a matter of hours. But then where is Alvin? Why haven't I been able to hug him again? I believed in it, I hoped the odyssey was finally over, and yet I still wait to know something. I still pray for the life of my child. For the first time in five years Afrim seems to lose its usual composure. Tired, exasperated, he waits too long to be able to re-embrace his son and the succession of news that would have given the little one still haven't found an official confirmation. An operation conducted fromintelligence Italian with the involvement of the Albanian consulate would have allowed to bring the child out of the Syrian refugee camp of Al Hol, where tens of thousands of women, widows of ISIS fighters, converged. Alvin would have been moved to another reception center, but he would still be in Syria. The diplomatic battle to get him back home in progress.

Alvin's mother, who died in an airstrike
Alvin's mother, who died in an airstrike

A story that starts from afar. From the province of Lecco, where the child born and lived until the age of six (now he is eleven) together with his father, his two sisters, and his mother Valbona. In December 2014, the woman decides to leave the family to marry a terrorist and join forces with ISIS. With him he brings the only son. The mother dressed like a Ninja, the child says in the last chilling call after the escape. Then it disappears into nothingness. But Afrim, Albanian origins, for over twenty years in Brianza, does not give up and continues to look for it. Several times he reaches Syria. The last last September 25 where in the field of Al Hol manages to embrace him again.

The mother died in an air attack, he was wounded in the face and one foot, limping, but alive. Let's go to the grandfather ?, asks Alvin to the pap. The identity certificate issued by the Albanian embassy (the child born in Italy but does not have citizenship) is not enough to take it away. I had to leave it there, my heart broke, says Afrim. Our authorities in collaboration with the Red Cross are working to resolve the situation, confirmed Senator Paolo Arrigoni. The Lombardy regional council has approved an agenda in which the government is asked to intervene. The word Free Alvin these days has access to the Pirellone in Milan. The news of the liberation of the child had made us hope for a happy ending that could be near, but on which there are no certainties.

In recent months a great job had been done by the Kosovar government, but the conflict with the Turks precipitated the situation. The hope that Alvin really has been moved to a safer place, adds the family lawyer, Darien Levani. The petition launched online to bring the child back home has exceeded 25 thousand signatures.

7 November 2019 | 07:41


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