Brazil, Lula is free: the former president has been released from prison


Former president of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva free. The release of the former leader, 74 years old, following the decision of the Paran federal justice. Lula has been serving a sentence of 8 years and 10 months for corruption and money laundering since April 2018.

The sentence follows the decision of the Brazilian Supreme Court, which ruled that the handcuffs cannot be released before all degrees of judgment have been expressed.

Lula still waiting for a judgment on the sentence that took him to his cell and that prevented him from participating – even as a favorite – in the 2018 presidential elections, which were then won by Bolsonaro.

Lula returns to freedom. A great president who fought against poverty and for the redemption of the Brazilian people, commented on Twitter the former premier and next commissioner for economic affairs of the European Commission Paolo Gentiloni.

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November 8, 2019 (modified November 8, 2019 | 21:45)


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