Brazil, judge orders the release of Lula. The former president leaves the penitentiary after 19 months. "I'll be more sinister than before"


The Brazilian judge Danilo Pereira Jr, of the federal criminal court of Curitiba, accepted the defense request of the former president Luiza Inacio Lula da Silva for his release and authorized him to leave the prison of Curitiba, where he has been serving his sentence since April 2018. The former president left the penitentiary on Friday.

The basis of the decision was a pronouncement of the Supreme Court who has with 6 yes and 5 no has canceled a previous sentence requiring that i criminals convicted go to prison after losing the first appeal. The decision therefore provides that a defendant can be deprived of liberty only after having exhausted all possible appeals. The casting vote was that of the president of the maximum Brazilian court, Antonio Dias Toffoli. The sentence paved the way for release of the former Brazilian president as well as about 5 thousand prisoners. Judge Pereira Jr. is replacing Carolina Lebbos, to which the lawyers of the former head of state had turned. Lebbos, who is responsible for the execution of Lula's sentence, is currently on vacation.

Lula previously, according to local media quoting a dialogue between him and some of his supporters who visited him, said he will be released "more to the left"When he entered. Symbol of the Brazilian left, it is among the dozens of leader politicians is entrepreneurs involved in an extensive investigation into corruption. The Brazilian deputy is critical of the sentence Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the president of Brazil, Jair: "They free the bandits and disarm the citizens, poor Brazilians", he wrote on social media. In Italy the first to congratulate the liberation was the former president of the Council Paolo Gentiloni: "Lula returns to freedom. A great president who fought against poverty and for the redemption of the Brazilian people ”, he tweets.


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