Brazil, discovering Flamengo: the team with the most fans in the world born as a rowing company – Repubblica TV


He has almost 125 years of history and when he was born in Rio de Janeiro nobody associated his name to football, but to rowing. After more than a century, however, Flamengo is the club that can count the most fans in the world, as Germano Alves says, who manages the company's historical heritage in the museum that stands in the center of the Carioca city.

"In practically every Brazilian family there is at least one person who supports Flamengo," says Alves before rattling off a long list of soccer stars who wore the club's black-red shirt. "From Zico to Junior, up to Adriano. In the list there is also Pele, who played only a friendly match against Atletico Mineiro".

by Mario Di Ciommo

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