Bosco: "Juve: Douglas on the cover, 3 don't convince. Bravo Caressa"





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        The Televideo Rai has, in a reductive way, defined a &quot;serpentine&quot;. But the goal by Douglas Costa, in Moscow, six sowed opponents (with the complicity of Higuain) is a masterpiece that not only allowed Juventus to win, to jump to the top of his group, to qualify for the Octavi: that network ventures to become the goal cover of the Champions 2019-2020. Sometimes I criticized Costa, but paradoxically he gave me reason: his goal is the most fantastic “da campetto” action I&#39;ve ever seen on a football field. Chapeau.

Juve winning. Not beautiful, rather worrying in the habit of getting the advantage balanced after a few minutes. Sarri came close to recklessness by simultaneously presenting a team with Danilo, Rugani and Rabiot.

Winning is not easy. Winning away to Europe is even less so. Good Juve and good Sarri. But just like the merits, defects must also be highlighted.

Rabiot is beautiful stylistically: he walks like a prince. But then? He's a player I don't understand. This is Rugani: a time of 5 (less, less) and one of 6. He has the excuse of having played little. But he also blamed for not being, in so many seasons, ever grown as much as Juve expected from him. Sarri (his old mentor) is his last resort: don't go to the coral reef. And then there is Danilo: one who, as he approaches in defense, gives the shivers.

The good news is Ramsey, with exceptional quality. For now, he has 60 minutes in his legs. When he is ninety, Juve will enjoy one of the best half-wings in the world.

Ronaldo (with an acch) revisable, Dybala unjustifiable (too few 15 minutes), Higuain to lick his chops. I propose a monument to Bonucci: he is playing great, those who are always looking for the "hair" obviously do not have a cut scissors that can cut it. If he had done nothing but save on the goal line, it would be a statue only for having prevented Joao Mario from scoring.

While in the after derby I discovered that Doveri would – for someone – used "two weights and two measures", I join in what Fabio Caressa did on Sky, in her Sunday living room: strike for once of the moviola and the provisions Var. Caressa he explained that "there can be no more insinuations, suspicions, protests, interpretations of interpretations". Bravo Caressa: it wasn't easy. Sky has the rights to the championship. And a TV lives of images. Choice, that of Caressa, brave.

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