Borghi: "Explosive gesture of Naples, the net break and marks the season. I find it hard to understand"


During the Kiss Kiss Naples journalist and commentator DAZN, Stefano Borghi, spoke. This is his thought.

The DAZN journalist and commentator spoke during Kiss Kiss Naples. Stefano Borghi. This is his thought: "It is such a big and surprising thing that I find it hard to understand. We will understand it later, depending on what happens. What strikes me is that it marks the season at the beginning of November, which is why I am curious to understand what Napoli will do. No one is 100% right, everyone has their share of guilt. " How will the team react with Genoa? This is the question that Borghi is asking. The answer can only come from tomorrow's race.

The opinion of the journalist and commentator of the television broadcaster always continues on the frequencies of the official Napoli football radio. This is the rest of his personal point of view: "We need to put things right, the tear seems to me to be clear and has been put on the square with force. But the pieces can be put on, but I am curious because it was of the rage". The protests of the Neapolitan supporters were clear and against Allan and partners. Will the tear be sewn up or not? Word to facts, to the field and beyond.

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