Bonus TV 2019, the start in December: who is it and how to request it


From December the delivery of the Bonus Tv 2019, the contributions for the purchase of decoders and Smart TVs to encourage the transition to the new DVB T2 technology.

What is the 2019 Bonus TV. The measure, contained in the new ministerial decree that will be published in the next few days in the Official Gazette, consists of: a discount of up to 50 euros for the less wealthy families who want to buy a new digital TV.

TV bonuses will be issued from December 2019 until December 31, 2022, year in which it will happen switch off, that is the definitive transition to the new DVB T2 technology. The news emerged during the TV 4.0 table, chaired by Undersecretary Mirella Liuzzi with representatives of the relevant authorities, television operators and trade associations.

Who can apply for the 2019 TV Bonus. The bonus for the purchase of a new television or decoder is for those who have an Isee income from the 1st category, ie no more than 10.632, or II, up to 21.256 euros.
The 2019 TV bonus can be requested by a member per household: therefore it is expected a bonus of 50 euros per family and for the purchase of a television or a decoder.

How to apply for the 2019 TV Bonus. To receive the discount it is necessary to present the contribution request directly to the seller, with self-certification which indicates the family unit, the Isee group it belongs to and the declaration that the members of the same household have not already received the bonus.

What is DVB T2. The new DVB T2 technology is a version that improves the current DVB T standard especially with regard to reception using fixed and portable devices.

When the switch off will occur. By July 1, 2022 there will be a switch off, that is the transition to new technology, and television networks will have to adapt to the reorganization of frequencies. But already a few months earlier, in Sicily since 1 April 2022, it will be possible to receive programming with the new technology.

After that date, devices that are not compatible with DVB T2 technology will no longer receive any television programming.

TVs compatible with DVB T2. Since 2017, devices compatible with the new technology have been put on sale. Many TVs sold before 2017 (between 2015 and 2016) are compatible with DVB T2 but to check just do a search on the net, perhaps on the manufacturer's website, with the exact model of the TV.

If it is not compatible you can buy a decoder (as happened in the transition between analogue and digital): currently you can find it on the market starting from 35 euros.

Undersecretary Mirella Liuzzi underlined how it is «fundamental to accompany the transition of the broadcasting system to DVB-T2 with appropriate campaigns and information actions coordinated by Mise, to guide citizens in technological change. In this regard, we have invited television operators to quickly present a proposal for a shared and unified communication plan ".

With regard to this, the undersecretary added: "It is our goal to increase the current 151 million euros by requesting a new financing of the measure to enlarge the number of citizens admitted to take advantage of the contribution".

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