Bologna, tir fire in a service area on the A1: two firemen injured


BOLOGNA – Two firefighters are people who were injured during an operation to burn a truck during the night near the Cantagallo service area on the A1, in the Bologna area.There was an explosion and the two fell off a ladder, bringing fractures, one to the pelvis and the other to an arm. They were taken to the Maggiore hospital. Other firemen of the same team also ended up on the ground due to the movement of air.
The distress call arrived at 2.10am to the operations room of 115, due to a fire in a truck parked in the service area Cantagallo Ovest, on the A1, southbound. The explosion occurred during the shutdown, completed by the reinforcements arrived from the Bologna headquarters of the fire brigade and the voluntary detachment of Monzuno.The motorway was partially interrupted during the rescue operations. The Autostrade Traffic and Personnel Police also intervened. The operations ended at 6.30

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