Bologna, three shots coming: Mihajlovic wants them


BOLOGNA – After the knockout with the Sassuolo is reflected in the home Bologna. The technical area once again built a team not suited to what must have been the ambitions made public both by Joey Saputo than from Claudio Fenucci and that in the best case scenario it will again have to struggle to live at a sufficient safety distance from the red zone. The concept is clear: with Mihajlovic a full-time Bologna would have been a tenth or eleventh place and with Sinisa it could not be from fourteenth or fifteenth. For this reason the technician had to be satisfied in the summer: also because he learned of the illness of the technician when at the end of the market more than 50 days were missing, there was time to build a Bologna that knew how to overcome even this big rock. Clear that the return of Sinisa will be an important purchase, however the technician will have to be put in a position to build another ride, and Bologna will be able to do so only by purchasing the three players that he needs.

The three shots

Three purchases are needed: a quick defender, faster than the current ones, who know how to defend, of a midfielder of quality and quantity and a first striker. As a midfielder Nicolas Dominguez, Which should have arrived in August and not in the winter market session. For the attack the name is that of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. And if Ibra takes other paths, an equally strong attacker will be needed. Because if Bologna is vulnerable in defense, it is also true that in front it is very impalpable.

Bigon: "We miss Mihajlovic"

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