Bologna, Tanjga and De Leo: "Soriano comes from a bruise. Orsolini is one of our architraves"


The last-minute loss to Inter left the bitter taste in the mouth Bologna, that in any case came out of the match with the Nerazzurri with the awareness of being able to give anyone a hard time. Second Tanjga is De Leo however, this certainty should not push the rossoblus to underestimate any opponent, including the Sassuolo that they will face tomorrow night within the walls of the Mapei Stadium.


About the game: "Surely there are two teams that would have wanted and had to collect a little more. The same Sassuolo is doing a nice kick, he needs like us a few more points and find certain balances. It is part of the growth process of a well-prepared team in the summer, like Bologna, but in matches like tomorrow's, what makes the difference is consistency. We know their coach's mentality, we are always consistent in the work we do. IS a derby of the territory, we face it with the spirit with which we face all the other matches ".

On the first rigorist: "On penalties there are some designated, then during the race they decide in a calm and peaceful way ".

Su Soriano: "It comes from a bruise remedied in Cagliari. At the end of the session we will take stock of the situation ".

On the physiological decline and the consequent criticisms of Orsolini: "The most talented players are the most exposed. It happens when things don't turn out right. In management and training he does not hold back, he wants to enrich his technical background. ORrsolini is very young and we all expect a lot from him. However, he is one of the architraves of the team, the company has invested heavily in him, there are fluctuations in his performance, but it is normal for a young player. Let's give them time ”.

How to stop Boga: "We will make tactical adjustments, it being understood that we have never distorted ourselves in the way we deal with our opponents, we have not changed from that point of view. We need to find a balance that can strategically help us. We will find ourselves prepared ”.

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