Bologna, stab the ex on the Frecciarossa: she is serious. A passenger who defended him was also injured


Live miraculously thanks to the intervention of some passengers who defended her from the fury of a man who stabbed her several times, at least twenty, seriously injuring her legs and chest. happened yesterday at 10:30 on carriage 4 of Frecciarossa 9389 departed from Turin and headed for Rome. Rather crowded wagon and terrible scene, very violent. Suddenly a train cleaner hurled himself at a woman – whom he knew for having visited her for a short time -, a catering assistant who was at that moment collecting orders to take to the nearby bar, a few meters back on same compartment. After having insulted her – shouting at her too, you must die – he punched her. She tried to defend herself by raising her hands, stepping back a few steps, staggering and asking for help. From the pocket of the overalls the aggressor has extracted a small jackknife. He rushed at her, making her fall into the row of seats. He stabbed several stabs, all with violence.

At this point some passengers – at first incredulous and startled – they reacted, intervening to defend the woman. One of them, who had risen just before to the Reggio Emilia high-speed station, from the carriage next to him running, managing to grab the worker from behind to remove him from the victim. The attacker then whirled around, wounding his temple too. But meanwhile three or four other travelers had approached, and the shouts had also attracted the conductor. Everyone threw themselves on the man in overalls who kept kicking from the ground trying above all to hit the woman again. When they succeeded in disarming him, they immobilized him, holding him by the arms and legs, until the arrival of Frecciarossa – at that moment traveling along the Modena stretch of the High Speed ​​- to Bologna Centrale where the Polfer agents, warned by a call from the Trenitalia staff, they went up to take the man. The woman – 41 years old, a daughter of 12, a resident of the Milan hinterland and an employee of a French catering company on the Tav – was taken to the Maggiore hospital where she is in intensive care although, doctors say, not in life threatening. The parents went to visit her in the afternoon and said they did not know the man who stabbed her. The aggressor is called Domenico Foti, he is 47 years old, born in Reggio Calabria and has been living in Abbiategrasso, near Milan for some time. It has no precedent, except for a minor report dating back to about twenty years ago.

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