Bologna, FdI councilors show on social networks the names and addresses of foreign recipients of public housing. Pd: "Incite racial hatred"


Names and surnames of families of foreign origin on the intercoms of public housing a Bologna quoted in a video complete with address and street number and then published on social media. We are talking about a deputy live on Facebook Galeazzo Bignami, former Forza Italia recently moved to Brothers of Italy, already in the past ended up in the storm for some of his photos taken at a party in which he was dressed as Nazi SS. The video was shot during a 'blitz' in the Bolognina district of the capital of Emilia together with Marco Lisei, city councilor before Forza Italiua and now also FdI. The episode, which accounts for the first edition of the Republic of Bologna, dates back to November 1st. The purpose of the video (which here we only republish the initial part with the obscured names), explain the exponents of Brothers of Italy, is to show, collecting "citizens' reports", that the criteria for housing assignments favor the Foreign citizens. The two talk about "discrimination"Against the Italians. As for confidentiality, "they will tell us that we are violating privacy – he says Bignami – but we don't care about anything, because if you stay in a popular accommodation and you have your name on the bell you need to put yourself in the perspective that someone can go and see.


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