Bolivia, Evo Morales announces new elections but leaves his candidacy unanswered: "If you ask me to go home it's a coup"


"I extend an invitation to respect for life, respect for private property, respect for the authorities and all sectors of society. Everything we have in Bolivia it is the heritage of the Bolivian people and we must not attack it to do damage ”. Using these words, the Bolivian president Evo Morales convenes new elections, in response to protests that involved the country following the vote for the Presidential in which he was the winner again, and announced of not to know If for election. He said this during an interview with Pan-American Radio of La Paz, during which he stressed: “My management ends on 22 January 2020. Calling new elections means ending any mobilization and that strikes and blockages are suspended ”. The population accuses Morales to have tampered with the results of the vote, proclaiming himself the winner. Since then, the clashes have seen at least two dead and beyond 190 arrested.

To the explicit question, if he had assessed the possibility of renouncing the presidency, the current president replied: "If you continue to ask me to renounce it is like a coup d'etat". As for his possible new candidacy in the presidential elections, the Bolivian leader has been misleading by saying that "nominations are secondary at this time, the priority is to pacify the country". Morales he also explained that in the next few hours theLegislative Assembly, in agreement with all political forces, will establish the procedure to elect new members of the Supreme Electoral Court, pushing away those who on the night of October 20 decided to suspend the publication of the official results when, with 10% still of the cards to be scrutinized, it seemed that we went to the ballot between the president and the candidate of the right, Carlos Mesa.

THE'Organization of American States (Osa) has prepared a preliminary review report on the October vote in which it recommends convening new elections under the responsibility of a renewed Supreme electoral court (Tse). The document, reports the state news agency Abi, “Indicates that taking into account the statistical projections, it is possible that the candidate Morales is in first place and that the candidate Carlos Mesa have the second. However, it is statistically unlikely that Morales got 10% difference to avoid a run-off. "

Luis Almagro, the general secretary of theOsa, said that during the organization of a new vote "the mandate of President Evo Morales should not be interrupted". In a statement, Almagro suggested to the warring parties to "operate in compliance with the rules", expressing its "solidarity with the Bolivian people". "The situation in the country – he added – requires government actors (first of all) and politicians of different options, as well as all institutions to operate in adherence to the Constitution with responsibility and respect for peaceful methods". In this context, he concluded, "it is understood that the constitutional mandates should not be interrupted, including that of President Morales".

In the meantime, Luis Fernando Camacho, one of the main leaders of the Bolivian opposition, president of "Comite pro Santa Cruz", announced today that the indefinite strike called by the civic committees will continue until the resignation of the president and his deputy Alvaro Garcia Linera. In a press conference, Camacho also demanded the resignation of all the deputies and senators elected on 20 October last and members of the Supreme Electoral Court (Tse). When this will happen, he added, a government council elected among prominent persons in the country will have to take the leadership of the country.

The Bolivian law states that a candidate can win the presidential elections in the first round with 50% plus one of votes or, alternatively, with a result in minimum advantage of 10% on the second. When they were to 83%, the projections showed a trend towards the runoff of December 15th. But the diffusion of the data was interrupted for almost 24 hours and when it resumed the scenario was favorable to Morales. An episode that the opposition has called one "Prank on democracy". Also the deputy head of the observer delegation of the European Union, Jorg Schreiber, asked the government to urgently clarify the incident.


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