BNL at risk of fraud, here is the email that is deceiving everyone


BNL, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, BNP Paribas group

A new online scam is affecting BNL users. In fact, in these hours an email has begun to circulate inviting users to change their login credentials. The motivation is relative to the Token necessary for access the online platform and consequently the current account.

In the email we read that the procedure is changing and therefore all users are invited to update their data. Obviously, it is a phishing email through which scammers attempt to steal sensitive customer data.

BNL customers face a serious risk

In this particular case, the message is very well organized, written correctly and with the official BNL logo, BNP Paribas Group. If you click on the links present, you will be sent to a page very similar to the official one, further complicating the recognition of the scam. Below is the entire body of the email so that you can be prepared if you should receive the message:

"Dear Customer,

Last notice to confirm the data of your Current Account and update the Online Token:
Your online access to your current account will be suspended if you do not receive confirmation of all the information requested by our security technical department:

Otherwise, your current account will be subject to the following restrictions:
– From 08/11/2019, your funds can no longer be transferred by bank transfer.
– From 10/11/2019, he will no longer be authorized to access his Home Banking online.

To enable us to complete the verification process, we invite you to verify this email to confirm the actual holder and update the online token again. "

If you receive the same message, or a similar one, our advice is to delete it immediately whether you have a BNL account but even more if you are not a customer. We remind you that the official website of BNL can be reached at this address where you can find all the information necessary for the correct use of the platform.

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