BMW draws over 20,000 K 1600


BMW has launched an important recall campaign that involves over 20,000 bikes in the K 1600 family. The models involved are all those equipped with the six-cylinder engine of 1,649 cc products between September 2016 and September 2019. The K 1600 GT (model code 0F01 / 0F11), the K 1600 GTL (0F02 / 0F12), K 1600 B (0F51 / 0F53) and K 1600 Grand America (0F51 / 0F53) fall within the recall. All models equipped with a six-speed gearbox, with reverse gear.

And the gear of the gearbox is precisely the reason for the recall. Specifically, in some cases the gears of the gearbox may not work properly and may even engage two gears simultaneously. This could lead to the rupture of the sprockets and to the locking of the rear wheel.

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