Bitter disappointment Rome: ko to 95 ', in Europe now it's tough


Burns to die for defeat of Rome in Europa League, with Paulo Fonseca's team fighting in Germany against the Borussia Monchengladbach, suffers in the first half, dominates (and draws) in the second and suffers the final goal of the 2-1 at the last minute of recovery. And now the European path gets a bit more complicated: the Giallorossi are a 5 points fee, just like the German opponents who are in advantage for the direct confrontations. First in the group is the Basaksehir, that of points it has 7 and that it will host a Rome forced to make a result in the challenge of next November 28th.

Fonseca in an emergency row Mancini in midfield, while behind Dzeko is once again rewarded Shepherd (only bench for Perotti, together with Under). Once again Florenzi excluded from the holders, to the advantage of Santon. And it is the latter who tries the first sortie of the Giallorossi at first, when in reality the hosts are above all to be noticed.

Borussia is in fact dangerous especially on the flanks, where the various Stindl, Wendt and Thuram (son of Lilian, great ex of Parma and Juventus), with Fazio and Smalling that in the center try to repel all attacks. The conclusions, however, arrive: Stindl widens the diagonal too much, Zakaria sends just above the crossbar.

Rome is in trouble: a mess with the feet of Pau Lopez and the fact that only Pastor manage to build a half-goal chance. Meanwhile, Borussia tries twice more, with Benes from afar and with Neuhaus at the end of a maneuver.

The goal of the hosts is in the air, and finally arrives: at 34 'is Fazio to correct a cross from the left of Thuram, mocking Pau Lopez. Rome finds itself at a disadvantage on own goal, but in the second half changes gear.

I'm Pastore and Dzeko to play the charge, but the draw is signed by just Fazio: the Argentine marks in split at 64 ', taking advantage of a splendid Kolarov's punishment.

Roma is also close to winning goals (especially wastes Kluivert), but in the final closes and suffers the decisive goal at 95 '.

It marks it Thuram, headed, on a thrust of Plea (in the field for a few minutes). And now in Europe it gets tough.

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Bitter disappointment Rome: ko to 95 ', in Europe now it's tough Source: Getty Images

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