Bigon after Sassuolo-Bologna: "Market? I would like to return Mihajlovic"


Bigon after Sassuolo-Bologna on Sky Sport

Riccardo Bigon, ds of the Bologna, he spoke to Sky Sports after the match against Sassuolo:

News Bologna, speaks BigonBigon

"The game was under control, the goal was the result of a series of episodes. We did not react well and this is not good. We leave three games with three defeats, which worries us. We played well and few points arrived. The ranking speaks. If up until 5 days ago we were all saying that Bologna plays well, it's not that today we have to throw everything away. It was a bad game. We had so many absences. We also have the problem of managing Sinisa. We could have done better and we're not happy but the road is drawn.

Missing something in the organic? I would be happy to recover the injured. These players made us make a 6th place return group. The rose is and has shown it. we must return with a little humility to play as we know. It is not enough to play well and be good, you also need other components.

Pulgar absence in midfield? Sinisa would be needed, he would be a big hit. It is not an easy topic to deal with, I would like to find the coach again in January and it would be a great purchase ".

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