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19.36 Thanks for joining us and meeting at the next live!

Player Ratings:

Italy (4-4-2): Giuliani s.v.; Guagni 8, Gama 6 (Fusetti 6.5), Linari 7, Bartoli 6.5; Galli 6.5, Rosucci 8 (Caruso 6.5), Giugliano 7, Cernoia 8; Sabatino 9 (Salvatore Rinaldi 6.5), Girelli 8.

Georgia (5-4-1): Gabunia 5; Pasikashvili 4.5, Kalandadze 4.5, Sutidze 4.5, Tatuashvili 4.5, Raukh 5; Bakradze 4.5, Todadze 5, Matveeva 4.5 (Cheminava 5), ​​Tchkonia 4 (M.Danelia s.v.); Tchichinadze 4.5 (N.Danelia s.v.).

7.28 pm Italy dominates throughout the game and wins a game never questioned, the only negative notes are the injuries of Gama and Guagni.

94 ' Ends here! Italy-Georgia 6-0.

92 ′ Match that now only awaits the final whistle of the referee.

90 ′ There will be 4 minutes of recovery.

88 ′ Still Giugliano from outside the area tries the shot, rejected by the defense.

86 ′ Cernoia that goes down to make the mezzala, Giugliano instead passes to make the bass director.

84 ′ Chichinadze outside and inside Danelia for Georgia.

82 ′ Fatigue that begins to be felt among the girls, ball out of good position by Salvatore Rinaldi.

80 'Yellow for Todadze for a midfield foul on Cernoia.

78 ′ Salvatore Rinaldi – Giugliano exchange, the latter's shot going out.

76 ′ Italy, despite the numerical inferiority, still looks for the seventh goal.

74 ′ Outside Matveeva and inside Cheminva for Georgia.

73 ′ Ten-man final for Italy, Guagni who cannot recover.

71 ′ Fortuitous clash for Alia Guagni who remains on the ground in pain.

69 ′ 76% of possession for Italy.

67 ′ Penalty requested by Italy for a foul on Girelli, for the referee it is not a penalty.

65 ′ Beaten to the right of flat Cernoia that grazes the second pole.

63 ′ Giugliano rejected double shot that failed to score the seventh goal.

61 ′ Exit Rosucci and into Caruso in Italy.

59 ′ Great parade of Gabunia on a shot from outside the Chernobyl.

57 ′ Outside Tchkonia outside and inside N.Danelia in Georgia.

56 ′ Exit Sabatino and into Rinaldi in Italy.

55 'TRAVERSE! Grazed the week with a Girelli crossbar.

53 ' Goooooooooooooool, Rosucciiiiiiiiiiiiiii, again a corner beaten by Cernoia beautifully and Rosucci of pot puts on the second post the ball of the sixth goal, Italy-Georgia 6-0.

51 ′ Quick punishment beaten by Rosucci for Giugliano who pulls first intention on the first post, out a little.

49 ′ Bad foul on Bartoli, admonished Pasikashvili who arrives late to the contrast.

47 ′ Girelli's Veil which leaves Rosucci free to beat but finds the opposition of a defender with the body.

The second half begins!

18.23 Total domination of Italy that exploits the low level of the Georgian national team going around it from left to right with tight and precise phrases that always lead to the cross with unmarked points.

A soon for the second time!

The first time ends! Italy-Georgia 5-0.

46 ' Goooooooooooool, Sabatinoooooooooooo, Girelli's cross from the left for Sabatino who from heel to the fly puts the second goal, Italy-Georgia 5-0.

45 ′ There will be a minute of recovery.

43 ′ Giugliano's first-time botta that this time finds Georgia's goalkeeper diving out of the water.

41 ′ Still Galli tries from outside, but this time ends badly.

39 ′ Very dangerous corner kick of Chernoia that can hardly find Girelli.

37 ′ Bartoli's volley from the edge of the area that goes off the door.

35 ′ It still dominates Italy, which can make a large victory very important for the ranking.

33 ' Goooooooooooool, Sabatinoooooooooo, Great shot from outside the area of ​​Galli who is rejected by the goalkeeper on which Sabatino pounces, reiterating on the network, Italy-Georgia 4-0.

31 ′ Fuori Gama due to injury and Fusetti to Italy.

29 ′ Swipe the Rosucci crossbar with a precise shot from twenty meters.

27 ' Gooooooooooooooool, Girelliiiiiiiiii, Sabatino wins the ball and leaves Girelli who crosses at the near post with precision, Italy-Georgia 3-0.

25 ' Goooooooooooool, Guagniiiiiiiiiiiii, Another header wins this time is Alia Guagni taking advantage of a cross from Sabatino from inside the penalty area, Italy-Georgia 2-0.

23 ′ Girelli's verticalization for Giugliano weakly pulling at the first post.

21 ′ Accuracy errors in the last sixteen meters that do not yet lead to shots with a view of the door mirror.

19 ′ Excellent action by Italy leading to the Girelli cross that finds the Cernoia header that goes out at the bottom.

17 ′ The request from the bench is more dribble for the Italian national team.

15 ′ Cernoia accident from outside the area that goes off near the first post.

13 ′ Italy that dominates and already closes Georgia inside its penalty area.

11 ' Gooooooooool, Linariiiiiiiii, beautiful corner of Cernoia that cuts across the area and finds Linari's head crushing on the net, Italy-Georgia 1-0.

9 ′ Conclusion of Gauls from outside the area, rejects the defense of Georgia.

7 ′ PALO di Sabatino, Girelli's conclusion from inside the penalty area leading to Sabatino's shot at an empty goal that takes the post.

5 ′ Great phrasing between Girelli and Galli but they can't reach the shot.

3 ′ Girelli's weak conclusion from within the penalty area.

1 ′ Aurora Galli acts as a low vertex in the midfield roar, while Giugliano carries the two points behind him.

Start the game!

17.24 Soon, teams on the pitch and national anthems will soon be kicked off.

17.19 It is necessary to improve the capacity under the goal for the national team, very important at the end of the round will be the ranking of the goals made.

17.16 Only two minutes left until the two teams entered the field.

17.12 The presence of Filippo Inzaghi, now at the helm of Benevento, at the top of the Serie B championship is also likely.

17.09 The heating of the blue girls:

17.06 Available for the two teams:
Italy: April, Piazza, Bergamaschi, Fusetti, Boattin, Tucceri Cimini, Marinelli, Caruso, Greggi, Glionna, Salvatori Rinaldi, Tarenzi.
Georgia: Sukhashvili, Gabelaia, Kadagishvili, Chkhartishvili, N. Danelia, Cheminava, M. Danelia, Tsotseria, Khaburdzania.

17.03 In the last precedent with Georgia last September 3rd, during the race held in Tblisi, our girls prevailed thanks to the goal scored by the Juventus Cristiana Girelli. The goal is therefore to exit the field again with a positive result, perhaps with an even wider score.

17.00 The classification in group B at the moment is the following: Denmark 12 points, Italy 12 points, Bosnia 6 points, Israel 1 points, Malta 1 points, Georgia 0 points.

16.54 Classic defense for Italy with the couple Gama-Linari in the center, Guagni on the right and Bartoli on the left in front of Giuliani.

16.51 Defensive form for the opponents who line up with a five-man defense that sees Pasikashvili and Raukh fullbacks and the trio Kalandadze, Sutidze and Tatuashvili in between. In front of Chichinadze the only point supported by the large midfield.

16.48 Pictures from Italy's locker room:

16.45 Here are the official formations:

Italy (4-4-2): Giuliani; Guagni, Gama, Linari, Bartoli; Galli, Rosucci, Giugliano, Cernoia; Sabatino, Girelli.

Georgia (5-4-1): Gabunia; Pasikashvili, Kalandadze, Sutidze, Tatuashvili, Raukh; Bakradze, Todadze, Matveeva, Tchkonia; Tchichinadze.

4.40 pm Good evening and welcome to the direct live text of Italy-Georgia, a game valid for the qualifying for the 2021 European women's football championship.

The Italy-Georgia program – The presentation of Italy-Georgia

Good afternoon and welcome back to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Georgia, fifth meeting of the Group B of the Qualifications for the European 2021 women's football. The "Ciro Vigorito" Stadium in Benevento will be all for the blue of Milena Bertolini, who will resume the adventure with the aim of remaining at full score and therefore preserving their leadership in the group (currently shared with Denmark).

The goal of the Bel Paese players is clear: win and with goals. Certainly, the skimpy 1-0 of the Tbilisi comparison (Cristian Girelli's decisive network) was not the result of an extremely high-profile performance by Bertolini. The physical condition, however, should be improved compared to the match of 3 September. The Italians have put minutes in their legs, as they say, thanks to the start of the championship and therefore the target of Italy is to leave the field Benevento with the three points and with a consistent realization treasure. The fight for supremacy with the Danes, in fact, could also be played on the goal difference, currently clearly the prerogative of the rival team (15 goals scored and no one conceded). Recall that the nine group winners and the three best second (not counting the results against the sixth place in each group) qualify directly for the final phase, while the six remaining second teams participate in the next stage in the playoffs.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Georgia, fifth meeting of the Group B of the Qualifications for the European 2021 women's football: real-time news and constant updates. It starts at 17.30. Have fun! (Photo: LaPresse)

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