Between politics and finance, the Chinese unknown in the capital of Psa


In this regard, according to what has been leaked up to now, it is possible that among the five members of the board of the holding company that will be appointed by the PSA bloc, a representative of Dongfeng cannot appear. Indeed, many believe that this may be very likely.

Today Dongfeng is present with two men on the board of Psa and was immediately informed of the ongoing negotiations between the family Agnelli and the Peugeots for the realization of the maxi agreement. He then carefully followed the entire process and at this point he could also be interested in participating in the sharing of the synergies that will mature in the coming years, estimated at 3.7 billion a year.

Otherwise if in the next few posts the group should develop the conviction that the participation should be treated as a financial quota, it is plausible that it may wish to lighten the position by offering half of the package to the family Peugeot. On the other hand it is undeniable that Dongfeng has already abundantly gained from entering Psa.

More than tripled the value invested
The Chinese automotive group entered the French company on the occasion of the capital increase of about 3 billion euros made at the beginning of 2014. At the time it had paid the securities 7.5 euros while yesterday the stock closed just under 23 euros .

In essence, it has more than tripled the value invested. Therefore understandable that last August when Psa was traveling around 27 euros wanted to monetize the participation. Now the picture has changed slightly, there is a new upside potential to capture after the bet already won five years ago. And at the helm, there will also be the same CEO, Carlo Tavares, already the author of the first turnaround.

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