Better stocks to buy and sell in the short term


The expected retracement has "unfolded" at the time in a lateral phase and with continuous highs and lows. Usually the upward and downward directional strength phases tend to dump the short-term trading oscillators creating this background noise and volatility. At the moment the odds are for the continuation of the short-term upside except for a bearish reversal on a daily basis.

How to trade next week? What are the best stocks to buy and sell?

Taking advantage of our trading techniques we are evaluating different trading ideas and we want to base our operations on the stock exchange on a few essential points:

a) last week's stock chart should be bullish. And as a movement tends to continue we will continue to bet on a further upside for next week;

b) on the basis of our parameters the selected stocks must not have reached an excess of prices;

c) the probability of seeing a false signal must be less than 20%;

d) as the primary trend of equity indices is on the upside we will only look for long (upside) transactions.

Based on the above rules, we believe that the best stocks to buy and sell in Piazza Affari for next week are:
Atlantia (MIL: ATL), Eni (MIL: ENI) and Leonardo (MIL: LDO)

Trading operations for the week of November 11th

The operations chosen are all upward (long). The take profits are of 3 types because the chances of being reached are respectively 30%, 70% and 90%.


Long from 22.68 with stops at 21.66 and take profits at 22.82 or 23.11 or 23.62.


Long from 14.15 with stops at 13.73 and take profits at 14.23 or 14.325 or 14.55.


Long from 11.40 with a stop at 10.54 and take profit at 11.56 or 11.78 or 12.235.

It must be said that all three of the selected titles have the graphic characteristics and the fair value estimates to suggest that the medium to long term rise can continue for a long time with percentages above 20% from current levels.


3 stocks that will explode upwards until Christmas and beyond

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