better in 2002 or 2019?


CFerriara and family, Disneyland Paris, 17 years later. This could be the title of one of the last post of the fashion influencer that has been full of likes. The entrepreneur is at Disneyland with her husband Fedez and little Leone. They were joined by her family, mother Marina Di Guardo, father Marco and sisters Francesca and Valentina, as well as family members of Fedez. So the social media queen took the opportunity to publish a photo with dad and sisters taken in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle in 2002 and another in the same position and in the same place dated 2019.

"Same place with dad and sisters: 2002 and 2019," Chiara wrote. IS, immediate, the comments of the followers have arrived.

Better before or now?

In addition to an avalanche of smiley faces with little hearts, there are many fans who took the opportunity to make a comparison between the present and the past of Lady Ferragnez. "You dressed better when you were 15 years old» points out a follower. "You were already ahead … great»A fan comments, followed by a«You were already trendy». In the 2002 photo, in fact, Chiara, a teenager, wears a pair of low-waisted jeans and a colored top that leaves the belly and navel in plain sight. Blond hair (darker than the current hair) and wavy frame her face. In the photo of 2019 is the it girl that we all know.

Chiara ferragni

Chiara Ferragni with her father and sisters at Disneyland

Between family posts and amarcord photos

It is not the first time that Chiara Ferragni publishes photos with her family. After all, mother and sisters have always been close to her in important moments. At the Venice Film Festival, they were all on the red carpet to support her at the presentation of the film about her life, unposted. And, of course, they don't escape the goal when she wants to share moments of her private and family life with followers. Similarly, on its social profiles are so many photos that portray her as a child: a way to point out to all the similarity with his son Leone. But also a business strategy, to conquer more followers by putting its more human side on the virtual marketplace.

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