Besides the electric car, all the ways to move "on battery"


Electrification. A phenomenon that now, despite the detractors, is starting, even if in small steps, to upset the our habits. The first thing that comes to mind is definitely the electric car, which today more than ever promises to open up to one democratization commercial. Only this year, for instance, were presented Volkswagen ID.3, the Peugeot e-208 and the Opel Corsa-e, cars intended for a wider audience than the one that has chosen a battery-powered car so far.

To encourage this transformation, indeed to accompany it hand in hand, the spread of more and more charging points. There is talk in Italy of about 200 new columns installed every week. Still little compared to other European countries, but surely this is an important signal, and that is that things are changing.

Besides the electric car, all the ways to move "on battery"

Not just cars

However, if the electrification process has found its emblem in the car, there is a whole world of rechargeable mobility that is not known, or is known less. This was the starting point that guided us on our journey to discover everyone (almost) the way you can move to zero emissions.

Many are not exclusive previews: of scooters and hoverboards are seen more and more often on the street because they are suitable to travel the so-called "last mile" and are the object, in these weeks, of a careful analysis on the regulations of use. Instead, something more special is the push assisted pushchair, in our case a Cybex model called e-Priam and that makes the life of parents a little easier when it comes to tackling climbs and full loads.

Besides the electric car, all the ways to move "on battery"

Bike with pedal assistance, scooters and cars need very few presentations, as are commercial vehicles, which are however taking on new forms of urban practicality. But the fact that electrification is affecting the transport system at 360 ° is easy to understand by looking at the Repowerᵉ, one of the first electric boats to be designed and built entirely in Italy, which we discovered and could try, thanks to Repower, on Lake Garda.

Besides the electric car, all the ways to move "on battery"

In short, a beautiful fresco of what "electric" means at the moment. Only a taste, however, of what it will mean in the future and that we, you can be sure, will continue to tell you about and also

At the moment, good vision!

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