Bellanova: criminal shield to save Ilva. No to legal proceedings


Minister Teresa Bellanova, does the Conte government really risk the crisis over the Ilva issue?
I hope that everyone will recover a healthy behavior of coherence and respect because when we talk about Ilva we speak of twenty thousand people, of workers who bring home the salary, of hundreds of small and medium-sized companies that employ other workers. I believe that the problem is to face the Ilva crisis, not to create a government crisis.
Meanwhile, the 5 Star Movement has slowed down on the penal shield. Difficult to reintroduce it now …
The government has a duty not to give pretexts to ArcelorMittal. When this group participated in the announcement, he knew that in Italy the law also provided for the penal shield that had been requested by the commissioners because they could not find people who could work where there was pollution, because Ilva was and a plant was placed under seizure judiciary with optional use and with the obligation to restore and respect the environmental plan. If you remove that rule, with the previous government, then contract with the company and pay it back and now you withdraw it as a pretext for Mittal to cover up its deficiencies. Here we are talking about the productive and industrial future of a chain, that of steel, which is fundamental for the competitiveness of our country, as well as tens of thousands of jobs and an important city in the South, which has been raped. Industrial decommissioning does not entail environmental remediation, which is a duty instead. So does this deserve an extra effort on the part of all members of the government? And I would also call on the opposition because we are talking about an issue that concerns the future of the country.
Meanwhile, politics seems to continue to quarrel as if nothing had happened.
Politics and pieces of institutions. Many are practicing who to make the defenders of Mittal, who to do the defender of the consortium that was opposed to Mittal: we of Iv are not the defenders of the investors but of the workers. Does the President of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano, mean pieces by the institutions? I'm talking about all those who think based on the last applause they receive. In Taranto there is a social bombshell and many people talk nonsense about things they do not know and do not want to know because in Italy it is difficult for some to study.
Who, like the Minister for Regional Autonomies Francesco Boccia, hypothesizes the arrival of a commissioner instead of ArcelorMittal: what do you think? agree with this approach?
I would not give Mittal an excuse to discharge himself from his responsibilities. In that plan we talk about investments for 4 billion and 300 million euros. Is there a commissioner who can arrive with this financial gift, which I do not know who should make available? If there is no alternative we are talking about unsustainable things but I am ready to discuss them if they tell me that there is another solution. What I would not want this to become a judicial matter. All those who have political and institutional responsibilities keep it in mind. An industrial plant stopped waiting for a response through the courts is equivalent to leaving thousands of people without work. Incidentally, I would like to remind everyone that this will mean providing thousands of workers with extraordinary layoffs and wage subsidies, the latter being paid by the general tax system. The Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini has proposed a pact to Italy alive: you will have to agree the amendments to the economic maneuver with the allies. In short, no more solo releases. Senn is the risk that the government will not stand up.
We have made a budget law that has an absolutely positive structure, but there are issues that need to be changed and proposals for blackmail cannot be exchanged. We also work together but make useful and concrete proposals. Instead, from some parts, I do not speak of Franceschini but of authoritative representatives of the party of Franceschini, I see a race to want to go to the vote. The elections cannot be used as a threat. If someone is in a hurry to get Salvini with full powers to the government, he will assume his responsibilities, surely we do not lend ourselves to this.

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