Because there is no need for Berlusconi to return to politics. Reina's comment


<! – ->All today are tearing their clothes to the thorny situation of the Ilva of Taranto; for high water in Venice and for the Mose that does not work; for an economic maneuver to take to Parliament, but that the government is unable to definitively launch. All to give to the executive of With you, that the opposition and the press that supports it would like to see stuck like Saint Sebastian. Bad events that make you go back in time and bring fictitious conflicts between the majority and the opposition. To understand each other Berlusconi and the left of Occhetto, D’Alema, Veltroni, Fassino, Renzi, Gentiloni.

It is true that reality says to go ahead and not turn backwards, but history is always a life experience to avoid making the same mistakes of the past in the future. Current events direct and make people reflect. The full-fledged return to the political scene of Berlusconi, albeit greatly reduced, raises questions, embarrassments, amazement. Someone wonders why, given the age? Politics, however, when it is enriched with so many voices is always a positive fact, if only because democracy feeds on a lively pluralism. The activism of the former knight gives brio to the stage in this static, gray, dark time. And then he can always give birth to some enlightened and fruitful thought for friends and adversaries. However, there are also those who vigorously oppose his commitment as in the past, given the unsatisfactory results obtained by his governments and the questionable political legacy (Salvini it is a clear example, which he left to his offspring).

Berlusconi in 1994 had the capacity, to hinder Occhetto's famous "joyful war machine", in the name of a "great liberal revolution", to collect the pentapartite orphans, from the Christian Democrats to the Socialists, to the Liberals. He managed to graft onto that stock the former fascists of the MSI and the secessionists of the League of Bossi, the germs of the current political situation were perceived from this time. The set of all these expressions put in condition the alliance that presided to defeat the communist left from the Alps to the Lilibeo. A victory that the so-called center-right called for, after the sad and mournful events of the judicial revolution of 1992/93, flanked by communists and fascists. It was hoped that after that victory the Italian political system, born of the majority era and the bipolar system (farlocco), would move towards a new political and institutional balance that would allow Italy to be governed and stable. So it was not, the contrasts began, the clashes, the contrasts between the various subjects of the right-wing coalition that Berlusconi did not want to settle. He let the pond become swamp without ever starting. Already then perhaps he had the idea that the Northern League could inherit its consensus. Day after day things worsened from a political, judicial and moral point of view. The time of the unthinkable defeat arrived, but more for the others. Instead, he continued to exercise the highly profitable political power of interdiction, also due to the presence of his own media. There has never been any opposition to the opposition, the subjects in the party in the party, in Parliament, in Europe changed but he was always the one to pull the strings. It could not be otherwise, given that he was the owner of Forza Italia, in every sense.

But at some point the power of the head became oppressive and obsessive, hypertrophic and before Casini and then Fini they left the association. Thus began the landslide then turned into a disastrous landslide. It is not useful to talk about his playful and relaxing preferences, it is not necessary. It is interesting, however, to note that the Berlusconian quarter of a century, like that of the left, was characterized by ambiguity, opportunism, and wild and unchallenged transformism.

Today, people can't stand it any more than this fiction, defined political politician, becera, from operetta, characterized by talkless, inconclusive and business, which he along with others has helped to grow. Otherwise the armies of abstentions at the last elections would not be explained. And then, Berlusconi, you also continue to sympathetically attend his political friendships from the far right to the far left, to cultivate mess-ups and transversalisms but let loose the active politics, it is not for him, the time elapsed has shown him, not to case he gave the Italians a Salvini, fomenter of hatred, of divisions, of violence.

Italy needs today to start over, to transform itself, to pacify the Italians starting from the rubble that was left on the field by the two fake coalitions alternating with the government of the country from 1994 to our days. Others, perhaps volunteers of politics, of which Italy has so much need, will try to pull the country out of this worrying crisis, not only economic, but cultural, political, moral.

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