Battle for the Madrid Stock Exchange between Paris (Euronext) and Zurich



Madrid at the center of a European dispute. The Swiss are launching a 3 billion franc offer for the Iberian square while the operator who unites the Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Dublin and recently Oslo exchanges under one umbrella has confirmed the negotiations in progress

by Simona Rossitto

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The Madrid Stock Exchange is at the center of appetites in the European stock market. Euronext, an operator that unites the stock exchanges of Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Dublin and recently even Oslo under a single umbrella, has confirmed the negotiations underway to purchase the Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles (Bme) which controls the square in Madrid. Immediately after Six, a Swiss financial group that controls the Swiss Stock Exchange, it went out into the open announcing a public purchase offer worth 3 billion francs for the Madrid Stock Exchange.

If the operation should go through the third supplier in Europe of financial market infrastructures would be born. Six proposes to buy 100% of Bme's share capital with liquid assets; the offer, the Swiss group explains in a note, estimates each Bme share at € 34 for a total amount of € 2.8 billion, the equivalent of around CHF 3.1 billion.

Already in recent months various press rumors noted the interest of Euronext for the Madrid Stock Exchange. In fact, there is some excitement in the European Stock Exchange market and Euronext announced in its newly approved business plan “Let’s grow together 2022” the intention to grow by external lines. Today confirms the interest in Madrid, which however, Euronext stated in a note, does not necessarily lead to an offer: "The talks underway with the board of the Madrid Stock Exchange could bring (but not lead) to a offer to buy, "he said in a statement.

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor)

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