Basket C / M: Cortese says 33 and Abet drops poker! Also passed the Campus Piemonte –


Another victory for the Abet braidesi against the youth of the Campus Piemonte arrives. Bra in the final race manages to shake off Castellino and his companions who, this evening, have had to do without Ianuale, Jakimovski and Reggiani engaged with Basket Torino on their way to Agrigento.

For Bra absent the Marenco wing due to work commitments but finds Abrate (at risk presence up to a few hours before the race) which will be decisive for the Braidian team. Obviously Cortese's 33-point performance will enter the yearbook.

Cortese, the former Abrate, Francione, Gioda and Negro take the field for Abet, while for Novipiu Merello, Mortarino, Castellino, Cerruti and Perotti. The first two points are signed by Cortese but Perotti answers immediately. Botta and answer in the first minutes but Francione spurs Bra with the mini first extension, 12-6. Campus is alive and returns to contact at the end of the fraction, 14-14 but a Gramaglia bomb closes the first 10 minutes at 17-14.

Little is also marked in the second fraction; many shooting mistakes leave the race in balance despite an Abrate trying to punish his former comrades. Francione and Cortese close, however, with two baskets at the long interval 37-32.

At the shoot is a Cortese show; 16 points in the fraction that allow Bra to remain in contact against a determined Campus driven by a Castellino in great dusting. The guests put their noses ahead 58-60, but thanks to the Braid play and the help of Abrate, the locals closed the quarter at 63-63.

At the reopening of the last hamlet it is still Cortese to puncture the retina to the sound of points; Castellino and Perotti stand up to the blue-white 70-69. Zabert tries to shake the braidese with his famous triple that gives it to Abrate. The ex of the day puts 4 points in a row that know so much about closing, 77-70. Campus is stunned and despite a last attempt at a comeback, immediately rejected by an irrepressible Cortese, he yields for 82-74.

PARTIAL: 17-14, 20-18, 26-31, 19-11

BRA: Gramaglia 5, Stetco NE, Mattis, Zabert 3, Francione 4, Abrate 17, Cat 5, Negro 8, Cortese 33, Gioda 7, Tiberti NE. Lazzari All
CAMPUS: Arduino 3, Bertino NE, Obakhavbaye NE, Bosco NE, Ciuffreda, Castellino 20, Merello 6, Framarin, Mortarino 18, Perotti 12, Origlia 8, Cerruti 7. Attachment Mosso


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