Barella drags Inter and puts it back on her head


It was not a trivial game against the Veronese, especially after a week of unexpected tension due to the defeat against Dortmund and the dire consequences for the Champions League.
The Verona arrived in Milan had the least beaten defense of the Championship and an annoying team license, hard to beat. After Conte's words there was curiosity about the team's reaction, also to understand if they would have the effect of lashing or poisoning the environment and, judging by the interpretation of the race, the response was positive.
In the first half, Inter played mainly in the opponent's area by grinding a constructive but heavy kick. Suddenly a deep play in Verona becomes a penalty for the release of Handanovic who touches Zaccagni slightly, enough to put Valeri in agreement and the Var that the penalty is there. The Juric team goes ahead but the goal has little to do with the merits of a team that defends itself with order but does not deserve the 0-1.
Inter reacts and goes close to balance on at least three occasions, stepping on the accelerator but remaining predictable. Vecino, Brozovic and Barella play it slowly and the yellow and blue remain crushed in their area with a bolt that forces Inter to try from distance or do some breakthrough action. Lukaku is the most effective in the middle of the first half but Brozovic also tries. The most sensational opportunity arrives at the end of the first half with an action by Vecino that kicks into the goal from an angled position, surprising Silvestri, fast enough to put the ball outside the door, at least not to let it go completely over the line.
In the second half Inter played with renewed conviction and the same initiative, while Verona moved further back to its center of gravity and crushed in defense of its area, practicing a bolt from another era. The feeling is that from one moment to the next the goal may come but there is also a clear frustration for the obvious lack of precision and sometimes clarity in the assaults.
Conte removes Biraghi and puts Candreva, the team relaxes better and immediately finds the goal with Vecino, good at putting it inside his head thanks to Lazaro's cross, good at covering and proposing himself even this evening, even with some smear.
Inter believes it and goes into forcing mode but the errors increase, as much as the occasions that culminate dramatically in the 80th with Lukaku who does not take advantage of the singular uncertainty of the defense and especially of Silvestri on a clumsy and very high ball of Amrabat all 'back. The Belgian at speed arrives first on the ball which would be enough to push his head to mock the goalkeeper with the lob, instead he hits it weakly and delivers it to him.
The game seems haunted, with a siege in which the ammunition does not seem to be enough, instead Barella from the left side comes to the ball and invents a goal, thanks to a right from outside the area that explodes San Siro and brings out the fans with a big grin from the Stadium.
The first temporary place returns euphoria but not serenity, the kind of quiet that Antonio Conte fights, misunderstood, with that degree of vehemence that has so disturbed the already highly nervous environment for the bad page of Dortmund.
Not that the coach wants the controversy or a state of perpetual tension, rather a club and an atmosphere always and only focused on the cult of victory, an obsession for which he lives and is trying, sometimes desperately, to transfer to all.
I have always thought that Conte is a bit Mourinho but without the same sense of humor, less animated by egocentrism, less intriguing in his responses to the press, more devoted to a militaristic sense of the collective, to the beginning of torment towards triumph. Conte used public disagreement with the company several times during the season, starting with the purchase campaign in which he thought he was ahead, going through the grievances towards the purchase campaign. The agitation also stems from the assumption that in the past Juventus, due to manifest disapproval, resigned a few weeks before the start of the Championship, leaving the company in embarrassment and difficulty.
Inter cannot afford a similar collapse at the start of a project but Conte's good intentions are unassailable. Inter has never been distressed by the result at any cost, the Championships chart speaks of a club that roars and falls asleep, roars again and goes back to sleep. Conte just wants Inter to get used only and exclusively to growl, never to let go. We have become accustomed for too many decades to justify the performance of teams that were stronger than we saw but entered the field without too many problems.
He was not from Inter before, he will no longer be from Inter especially from now.
Love her.

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