Barbara Lezzi, "this is how anti-Di Maio became". The rebel "has always created problems and now on the Ilva …"


Barbara Lezzi shakes the upper floors of the 5-star Movement and especially Luigi Di Maio. "He has always created problems, from the beginning. With the difference that we are now in the government and the problems have a price", the loyalists of Gigino are vented. The Senator from Puglia, former minister for the South of the Italian government, has a poisonous tongue and now that the Ilva case, her identity battle, has broken out, Di Maio fears that she could feed her "disturbing campaign" reveals La Stampa in a backstage .

Moreover, she is the leader of the rebel senators who are ready to reject a possible restoration of the penal shield for the leaders of ArcelorMittal, the iron and steel giant that threatens to abandon the Ilva of Taranto. They say that during the last assembly of the party senators there was also an ovation at the end of his speech on the plant. To those close to her she confides that she did not like to know that she would be excluded from the yellow-red government a little at a time, as "a slow agony".

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Despite this, Di Maio does not want to put it in a corner, at least for the moment. Perhaps he does not want to go to the clash with the "lioness" because the strategy that the leader grillino has prepared for Ilva will also pass by her. Meanwhile, Lezzi is preparing to do battle over Ilva.

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