Barbara Lezzi and Giuseppe Conte, brawl at Palazzo Chigi on Ilva: "Forget it", "How can you not understand?"


It is war in the government on the question ofIlva. This morning, November 12, the tension at Palazzo Chigi was sky-high for the clash between the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the Apulian grillina senator Barbara Lezzi during the meeting on ArcelorMittal to which the ministers also participated Luigi Di Maio, Stafano Patuanelli is Federico D'Inca, and the Tarantine parliamentarians of 5 Star Movement.

The meeting was also attended by Lezzi, a former minister for the South in the first Conte government. The senator has long held the parliamentary battle that led to the cancellation of the penal shield in the company, which is the reason why the ArcelorMittal Indians have requested the withdrawal of the contract.

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TO Palazzo Chigi the premier tried to think about the possibility of reintegrating the criminal shield, "so as to remove all alibis – he would have explained to those present – to ArcelorMittal, also in view of the legal battle that awaits us". But Lezzi would have gone down hard: "I will never vote for it, you can forget it." The clash is described as very strong, some sources ad Adnkronos, "so as to induce the premier to ask Lezzi how he could not understand the reasons behind the government, ready to beat any road in order to resolve the situation in Taranto".

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