BANCOMAT, POS AND CREDIT CARDS DO NOT WORK / Payments ko: chaos in all of Italy


Chaos throughout Italy today between cash machine, credit cards and POS that don't work. You cannot yet withdraw or make payments. User reports on social media continue. And it is not possible to draw a map of the inefficiencies, because they are taking place throughout Italy. Many had gone in the morning to supermarkets and shopping centers for traditional weekly shopping or for shopping, but found themselves at the cash desks with bad cards. The origin of the problem has not yet been clarified, but from the tam tam on social media it emerges that it concerns all institutions. "And apparently the ATMs do not go almost all over Italy, but in which country of the fourth world is alive»,«Unable to pay with #bancomat in #BustoArsizio and no bank explains online what happened. Good start to decrease the cash»Are just some of the many comments on Twitter. There is also the testimony of those at work: «Today, credit cards and debit cards are down, at least here in Lombardy … I work in a supermarket, there was a queue at the cash desks I miss Christmas!». Another testimony: «About banks. This morning I was unable to go shopping at the supermarket because there was no connection with the boats. Like me many others. ATM machines disconnected. But then we shouldn't use cash. We are a backward country that's what we are». (adj. of Silvana Palazzo)


ATMs, POS and credit cards do not work: hardships throughout Italy. In the last hours of today, Saturday 9 November 2019, all kinds of disservices were registered in many areas of the country: it is impossible to withdraw and pay, the nature of the problem is not clear and for the moment no noteworthy indications were provided by the institutions of credit. The Bank Bpm was among the first to report problems: "Due to technical interventions the payment card functions are not available". On Twitter, the classic tam tam was shot, with reports from different parts of Italy: according to the initial information available, it is not possible to make withdrawals with ATMs and credit cards from the counters of all institutions. But not only: payments are rejected by the POS of the commercial establishments. To exclude, therefore, that this is an ad personam problem: the malfunction is general and updates are expected by return of post.


As we were saying, there is a rain of reports on Twitter: there are those who complain about difficulty in withdrawing and those who, instead, failed to make payments with ATM or credit card. Problems to settle accounts in supermarkets, shops or restaurants / pizzerias. A Twitter user has announced that his reference bank has communicated a disservice to him"Lack of connection". There is no shortage of controversies from a political point of view: several users have joked about the Giallorossi government's desire to reduce the use of cash in favor of ATMs and credit cards. In a situation like this, in fact, cash becomes "fundamental" in order to be able to purchase goods of immediate necessity or to be able to go out for lunch / dinner. Expected news in the next few hours on the malfunction that has embraced the entire boot.


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