Balsorano earthquake, the images of the shock


The video, published on the Facebook page of Strada dei Parchi, shows the stretch of the motorway included Aielli, Celano and Magliano dei Marsi, while the jolts are in progress 18.35.

Video Route of the Parks

Balsorano earthquake, the data

The quake was recorded at 6.35 pm, with its epicenter in Balsorano, 4.4 of Local Magnitude, at a depth of 14 km.


Warned throughout the entire territory of L'Aquila, in frusinate, in Rome and in the coastal provinces of Chieti and Pescara.

In Balsorano and in the nearby Municipality of San Vincenzo Valle Roveto as a precautionary measure, schools of every order and grade had already been closed yesterday for the seismic swarm in progress since Wednesday night.

Balsorano earthquake, the visit of Marsilio

The president of the regional council, Marco Marsilio, he visited the earthquake-hit Valle Roveto centers this morning. The president held a meeting with the mayors of the Municipalities of Balsorano and San Vincenzo Valle Roveto and subsequently with the heads of the regional and municipal civil protection, engaged in these hours in the places of the seismic epicenter.

earthquake earthquake
earthquake earthquake

"The regional and municipal car of the Civil protection he reacted well to the emergency and I want to congratulate them – he began on Chairman Marco Marsilio -. When the strongest shock came, yesterday afternoon, after the seismic swarm of the previous night, in Balsorano everything was already ready and in a few minutes the regional operations room was activated, the COCs and reception centers set up in the adjacent Municipalities were opened. epicenter. The machine was ready to react to the emergency. This deployment of forces has made citizens feel protected. The hope is that this swarm will stop in the next few hours. However – observed President Marsilio – we will keep the reception facilities open for a couple of days and we will carefully follow the evolution of the situation. I hope this event will reflect the Government and Parliament. I hope that, on the occasion of the approval of the earthquake decree, the requests of the territories that live with this emergency will be accepted ”.

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