Balsorano, earthquake shock at 00:19 magnitude 3.5 today 8 November 2019


Shortly after midnight, the first strong shock came today, Friday 8 November 2019. It was recorded by INGV and felt distinctly in Abruzzo, but also in Ciociaria and in the province of Rome.

Strong earthquake in Balsorano at 00:19 today, Friday 8 November 2019: 3.5 of magnitude

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The first estimates spoke of a magnitude between 3.4 and 3.9 and of an epicenter near the Eagle, certainly in the province. It was later clarified that the shock occurred at 00:19 was again reported in Balsorano. About ten minutes earlier, there had been another, in the same town, of lesser intensity: 1.1. About 10 minutes later, however, a shock of intensity 2.0 followed, with the same epicenter. Despite the quite strong midnight shock is nineteen, however less strong than yesterday's, at 18:35, it seems that there have been no damage to property or people.

The weekend does not come close among the best wishes

However, it is hoped that there will be no other earthquakes in the night. In fact, we remind you that, for safety reasons, schools were closed in Anagni and Frosinone and that a weather alert in Lazio is also planned for today.

Several shocks yesterday evening

After the strong afternoon shock, several aftershocks followed. Although of small intensity, during the evening the flow rate is slightly increased, alternating between magnitudes of just under 1 and slightly above 2. The earthquake of 00:19 was distinctly felt in Balzorano, but also in Ciociaria and in the province of Rome.

Not only Abruzzo, but also Lazio tonight struggling to sleep. Today's bad weather and the fear of new shocks will not lead to a good approach to the weekend.

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