Balsorano earthquake, here are the images of the shock taken by the cameras on the A25 (video) – AbruzzoLive


L'Aquila. Fear in Abruzzo due to the earthquake that struck the Municipality of Balsorano yesterday afternoon.

The cameras of the A25 of the Strada dei Parchi company have resumed the shock at 6.35 pm, recorded with their epicenter in Balsorano, with a magnitude between 4.4 and 4.9.

The images show the moment in which the earthquake is felt in the areas of Aielli, Celano and Magliano dei Marsi.

As told by MarsicaLive, no damage to structures or injured people were recorded but only so much fear. The civil protection carried out carpet checks on the territory. In Balsorano the Coc, municipal operations center was opened.

A meeting in Balsorano is currently underway between the President of the Abruzzo Region, Marco Marsilio, and the mayors of the Valle Roveto.

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