Balotelli will not be summoned: Mancini's motives (including extra-calchas)



Duopoly for the Scudetto: is the title just a Juve vs Inter match?

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Balotelli will not be summoned: Mancini's motives (including extra-calchas)

Mario Balotelli will not be included among the summoned for the next commitments of the National, the last qualifying races for Euro 2020. To reveal it, the 'Corriere della Sera' today on newsstands that explains the reasons that will push the technical commissioner Mancini not to enter the name of SuperMario in the list: Balo he will return only when the condition is at the top and the behavior will be the right ones. Furthermore, a call to this round would also be associated with a political message for what happened in the last few days e Mancio does not want: for Italy coach Balotelli must win the convocation only and exclusively with his services. – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

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Ibra at Milan: it's done, says Mls. Inter-Conte, all the names of Marotta. Vidal and Kulusevski on pole. Naples chaos, De Laurentiis in trouble for Sarri. Mertens and Callejon via ora, Insigne and Koulibaly in June "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100

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TOP NEWS 1pm: Suso: "I could leave". Guardiola opens in Serie A "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100 The voices of the protagonists, the market exclusives and much more on TMW: here are the most important news of the morning.

Milan, Suso: "I could leave but I didn't. I'm fine here" – Read the news, CLICK HERE!

Times bomb: "Guardiola opens for Italy for the next …

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