Balotelli, the offended daughter at the kindergarten: "You are a negra of infected …", the shocking story of Raffaella Fico


Pia Balotelli victim of racism. He really has incredible, however regrettable, what his mother Raffaella Fico told.

The outstanding issue between is still rather delicate Mario Balotelli and some fans of theHellas Verona that Sunday 3 November from the stands they were the protagonists of a series of racist insults to which the player from Brescia reacted by interrupting the match. Also present at the stadium that day Raffaella Fico and the daughter Pia, but – according to the reconstruction of the facts reported by the newspaper I read – fortunately they did not directly attend the indecent show because, at the end of the first half, they left the plant.

At this time, however, details have emerged that unfortunately show that little Pia has been directly the object of hatred and racism by some children in the past. La Fico indeed, guest of Eleonora Daniele a Italian stories, he bitterly confessed that "a little girl told my daughter: 'You are a Negro of me..a, you carry infections'. And even the showgirl is not new to be pointed out: "When I was with Mario and I did the evenings at the disco, I happened to come in and they gave me the sound of the monkey"he said.

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