Balotelli, the castigio is finished: "Against Atalanta it can be useful"


A game like the derby may be the worst match to face in the worst moment of the season, or the best possible appointment to try to find certain values ​​that have since been lost at home. Brescia coach Fabio Grosso chooses to frame tomorrow's match with Atalanta from the second angle: "We come from so many difficult matches, this is a beautiful opportunity", he says as he struggles to find a solution to the problems of a team that is last in the standings and that, moreover, comes from a troubled period also because of Balotelli themed media storms that after being punished with exclusion from the transfer of Rome, has regularly returned to the list of those called up.By the way: President Cellino never wants more than 19 players to be called. He had come to grant 20 for the trip last week, he arrived up to 23 for this race. And this choice also shows the specific weight given to the derby. Returning to Balotelli: "I don't want to talk about him. Every time – says Grosso – you are watching if it leaves a minute before or after the field. It has certain qualities and characteristics and as I always say, if you can put them on the field it can be very useful «. From a general point of view: »Coaches better than me have already exalted those that are Atalanta's qualities, we know very well what we're going to meet. These races are prepared by themselves and here the technique and the tactics count yes … but the sensations are more important. We don't want to load this derby too much, but we need points to move the leaderboard and we'll do our best. At this moment our risk is to lose trust «. The hope on the part of Brescia is to see a full Rigamonti tomorrow, but the reality is that the presales have been rather weak so that for today the club has organized a "Black Friday" with discounts on ticket prices at the last popular sectors. A decision that those fans did not like that only yesterday, not knowing anything about the initiative, they had bought tickets at full price.

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