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On the markets, after the recent highs, the stop weighs against the possible reduction of commercial duties between China and the United States. German GDP better than expected: + 0.1%. In Milan, eyes are still on the quarterly reports

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Departure without bumps for European stock exchanges, which do not deviate too much from the values ​​of the vigil, but with some signs of weakness. After the recent highs the financial markets are drawing breath, even yesterday the session closed down. Eyes always focused on the theme of trade war, which keeps investors hanging, while the quarterly remain under observation. Some positive signs from the German economy with German GDP in the third quarter up 0.1%, thus avoiding the technical recession.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange closed in negative, weighed down by the new revaluation of the yen, while uncertainty continues over the outcome of international trade negotiations between China and the United States.
The Nikkei, in particular, ended trading with a drop of 0.76%. In Europe the prospects indicated by the futures are for a contrasted start of the price lists.

Beyond this, the stock exchanges restart from the new record set on November 13th by Wall Street with the S&P 500 index that has moved towards the unexplored threshold of 3,100 points on the wings of the words of the Federal Reserve governor, Jerome Powell, who reassured the American economy of keeping the risks of a recession away.

The markets are still uncertain on the issue of duties. The "missed" words of US President Donald Trump, who in a speech at the Economic Club in New York, avoided giving details on the state of the US-China negotiations continue to weigh. He did not even announce, as the observers expected, a postponement of customs tariffs against cars produced in Europe.

The European bond market restarts with the BTp-Bund spread, which has risen in the last few hours to 165 points (154 calculated using the old BTp benchmark used by Bloomberg). The political uncertainties regarding the ex-Ilva case are also weighing on the yields of the Italian curve.

On the macro front the economic calendar forecasts German third quarter GDP data today. The figure was a 0.1% rise. Analysts estimated a slightly negative figure for the third quarter that would have caused a technical recession in Germany. In the afternoon, the data on requests for new weekly unemployment benefits in the United States. The operators expect them to rise to 215 thousand compared to 211 thousand in the previous survey.

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