Bad weather, "yellow" weather alert for Monday 4th November


Monday 4 November alert "yellow" color throughout the Campania region. The Regional Civil Protection, having assessed the mathematical models, the weather situation, the critical points already present in the territory due to the rainfall of the last hours and in close connection with the National Department, has extended the warning of adverse weather conditions, with hydrogeological criticality Yellow level up to 14 on Monday.

In the next few hours, still particularly adverse weather conditions are expected, with strong thunderstorms, intense rainfall and strong libeccio winds due to a perturbation of Atlantic origin. A temporary improvement is expected starting tomorrow morning, in view of the new disturbances that should arrive between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Municipality of Naples: open cemeteries and closed parks

"During the night all the areas with hydrogeological risk were monitored while today there were numerous interventions by municipal technicians in many areas of the city due to flooding and fallen branches and shrubs at Vomero, in Posillipo, in Bagnoli, via Campegna, via de Giaxa, viale Traiano, via Pigna and Cupa Toscanella Some of the tarpaulins in via Marina and piazza Fuga have been secured to the supports. of the cherry trees) where the debris had blocked the drains. The left underpass of via Claudio remains closed ".

"Due to the forecast of strong winds, the School Technical Service advises school managers not to stay permanently outside the appurtenant outdoor areas of school buildings where trees are present and not to use outdoor equipment and play areas up to the time of validity of the weather alert Citizenship is invited to pay close attention to the sites already reported for the hydro-geological risk (slopes and slopes for possible landslides and landslides) and hydraulic (underpasses and areas of sewage collectors for possible flooding) ) ".

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