Bad weather, whirlwinds on Genoa Thursday 7 November


Still bad weather on Liguria and Genoa, where in the morning marine trumpets also formed, one in front of the Foce and one further offshore, in the open sea, but the reports came from different areas of the city.

VIDEO | Double sea trumpet, eyes focused on the sea: the spectacular images

Many people stopped to admire the spectacle of nature, in the street and from the windows. Fortunately, no particular damage was reported to the fire department or the local police, but the images are impressive.

VIDEO | Sea Trumpet in front of Boccadasse

A clear deterioration of the weather was expected for today, with heavy thunderstorms and rains until the evening. Thunderstorms, even with hail, have affected the central sector of the region and in particular the Genoese West, the Polcevera Valley, the Scrivia Valley, reaching then the Val Bisagno. The maximum cumulative was recorded at the Sanctuary of Monte Gazzo with 53.6 millimeters (27.4 maximum cumulative hourly, 12.2 in 15 minutes), followed by Genova Pegli with 35.4, Bolzaneto with 32.2, Pontedecimo with 24.2, Castellaccio with 23.2, Fiumara with 21.8 (7.4 in 5 minutes).

Bad weather has led the Region to ad cancel the fireworks scheduled for Thursday night for the first by Carlo Felice of "Add a seat at the table", as also confirmed by the Ligurian governor Giovanni Toti.

VIDEO | The spectacle of the sea trumpet seen by Righi

"We decided to postpone the party in Piazza De Ferrari and the fireworks scheduled today at 7pm on the occasion of the premiere of the musical at the Teatro Carlo Felice – he wrote on Facebook – which will be regularly staged at 8pm. We will keep you updated on the evolving weather conditions and we recommend that you pay close attention ».

With bad weather, there was also a sharp drop in temperatures. During the night, some stations in the interior of the region scored below zero: -1.0 at Poggio Fearza (Imperia), -0.8 at Cabanne (Genoa), -0.1 at Pratomollo (Genoa). In the Savona area of ​​minimum 1.1 in Montenotte Inferiore, in the La Spezia area of ​​1.9 in Cembrano. In the reference stations of the provincial capital cities, these are the minimum: Genoa Functional Center 10.0, Savona Nautical Institute 9.7, Imperia Earthquake Weather Observatory 10.3, La Spezia 7.3.

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