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The snow that is falling heavily in Alto Adige in these hours is causing roads to close. With new snowfall the avalanche danger is high and rose to grade 4 of 5.
The situation remains tense. Val Badia, Val Senales, Valle dei Molini and Val di Tures are isolated. The Val Pusteria state road is blocked by Prato Drava, the state road of Val di Fiemme da Fontane Fredde. Virtually all secondary roads are currently not viable. There are 7,600 utilities without electricity, especially in the Castelrotto area. 150 professional firefighters and volunteer companies are in service, which have so far been released for several hundred operations. "We called all the firemen who were engaged in the restoration of the power lines to the barracks, because the trees continuously fall and the situation is too dangerous," Martin Ausserdorfer, the mayor of San Lorenzo di Sebato, told ANSA.

Big wave of floods overwhelms the Saturnia waterfalls – A flood wave caused by bad weather has overwhelmed the Saturnia (Grosseto) thermal waterfalls and the civil protection has carried out inspections which, at the moment, exclude damage. The Stellata stream was in full swing and receives the warm underground waters and forms small waterfalls downstream, a destination for thermal tourism. The Municipality will carry out other inspections when the water level drops to make other checks. "The Gorello waterfalls in Saturnia are not destroyed – they explain from the Municipality of Manciano -, there has been a big wave of flood both from the channel of the thermal waters and from the Stellata stream. At the moment there are no damages".

Isolate the valleys in South Tyrol – "Today is one of those days when you hope your predictions won't come true". It is the bitter Twitter comment of provincial meteorologist Dieter Peterlin in reference to the exceptional wave of bad weather in South Tyrol. In the early afternoon – he informs – the Val Martello and the Val d'Ultimo register 60 l / sq m, the Bassa Atesina and the Val Passira 40 l / sq m and the Val Pusteria 20 l / sq m. In Val d'Ultima in the last few hours 55 cm of fresh snow have fallen. Currently the disturbance is moving eastward.

E-Distribution Technicians, the Enel Group company that manages the medium and low voltage networks, working to restore the interrupted electricity service in numerous areas of Piedmont due to bad weather. The province most affected is that of Cuneo, with 15,000 users without electricity. Disruptions also in the Turin area (8,000 customers disconnected) and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (5,000 customers disconnected). All interventions, the company informs, are carried out in constant coordination with local institutions, prefecture and civil protection, with which interventions are being agreed in areas that are difficult to access due to snow. The E-Distribution work in the area will continue until the electricity service is fully restored, in compliance with the safety procedures that these delicate interventions require.

Landslides, fallen trees and floods. Numerous interventions by the firemen of the province of Imperia, due to the wave of bad weather that struck, last night and last night, over the entire western part of Liguria. In Via Goethe, in Sanremo, the road where some vehicles were parked collapsed: a car and a van remained in the balance on the crater while the other vehicles were moved by the owners alerted by the police. In Via Bandette, in Ventimiglia, the road was submerged by a wave of mud and earth, following the landslide from the overlying hill. Circulation was also interrupted in a section of Via San Secondo. Firefighters also had to intervene between San Lorenzo al mare and Cipressa for boulders on the road. In Triora, on the other hand, some trees fell on the road that leads to the hamlet of Verdeggia, obstructing the passage.

A whirlwind before 5 am today in Marina di Carrara (Massa Carrara): the restaurant of a hotel on the seafront, currently closed, has been devastated and some beach clubs have also been damaged. No one was injured. In particular, the whirlwind blew off the cover on the street of the hotel restaurant, which ended up in the street. The area of ​​the waterfront is still blocked because firefighters are reclaiming the area from debris driven by very strong winds.

Due to the strong wind, some pieces of the roof of the Sports hall in Viale Danube, Fiumicino are flying on the road. The structure has long been closed due to being unusable. "For this reason, as far as safety is concerned, as long as the strong wind lasts, the stretch of Danube avenue in front of the building will remain closed to traffic. Caroccia.

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