Bad weather alert Thunderstorms, snow and avalanche risk


The civil protection of the Veneto has issued a hydrogeological and hydraulic criticality warning for tomorrow, Friday 8 November. Forecasts indicate disrupted weather, widespread precipitations at times strong, more persistent and with abundant quantities on mountainous and piedmont areas, locally also very abundant between central-eastern Prealps and southern Dolomites, generally low in the plains and only locally abundant in the north-eastern areas. The limit snow it's generally around at 1000/1300 meters in the Dolomites and at 1300/1600 meters in the Prealps.

It was thus decreed by 8 am on Friday pre-alarm status (orange) in the Alto Piave, Piave Pedemontano and Alto Brenta-Bacchiglione-Alpone. The possibility of triggering superficial landslides on the slopes and the possibility of triggering rapid flows is noted. Also from 8am on Friday, the operational phase of attention was declared in mountain areas due to avalanche risk, in order to ensure constant monitoring of the situation and the maximum operational readiness of the regional Civil Protection system.

Following the bulletin issued by the Region, the civil protection service of the municipality of Vicenza, which will ensure the monitoring of the evolution of meteorological phenomena and the impact with respect to the municipal area, asked the Aim Amcps and Viacqua representatives to pay particular attention to the cleaning of the drains, to the efficiency of the lifting systems and to the safety measures of construction sites, particularly in the presence of excavations. Problems may arise in the drainage network of rainwater.

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