Bad luck and a very bad truth: two bad news are coming


If it is not bad luck that is breaking down at Inter, what is bad luck? New day, good news for Mr. Conte. The total emergency is triggered, given that Sportmediaset has communicated to everyone that except for twists and turns, Sensi should not be part of the match in the match against Verona. Unbelievable but true: a new injury stops him again in the pits and waiting for new checks, in all probability he will not be able to take the field. It seems incredible as a problem that seemed relatively solvable is complicated in a way so complex as to leave everyone speechless, starting with Conte who even at the conference seems to have hinted quite clearly that he doesn't want to risk it.

And the second bad news – unfortunately true for Inter fans – is instead given by the Gazzetta dello Sport which reveals how the changes at Inter (the players coming from the bench) are technically "useless" for the final result. Yes, because for more than a month (September 17th, Inter-Slavia Praga) Conte has not found a single decisive play, coming from the bench. In a nutshell: those who entered the field as a substitute and not as a holder, did not give any turn to any of the games in progress. And all this is just – perhaps – the confirmation of a very bad truth that Conte hardly told (according to someone exaggerating) the television microphones after the match against Borussia. Urge reinforcements. And Marotta, he would have understood so well the request for help from the Nerazzurri technician to have already prepared a precise plan. The idea is to bring great-caliber players to Inter, also taking advantage of the expiry of their contract. We have revealed the names in our published article a little while ago >>> CONTINUE READING

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