BACK SCENE – "Do you know that Ancelotti could leave Naples?" Insigne's surprising reaction


Fabio Mandarini, a Corriere delo Sport journalist, spoke during the TV show Fuorigioco about the broadcaster Televomero.

The journalist of Corriere dello Sport, Fabio Mandarini, issued some statements during offside, broadcast on the television station Televomero dwelling, among other things, on the moment of the Azzurri after the strong protest of the fans against the team during the Neapolitan training session at the San Paolo stadium. Among the most booed, among others, was the captain of the Campanians, Lorenzo Insigne, evidently disliked by Naples supporters.

These are the words of Fabio Mandarini a Televomero: "The rumor is spreading that the relationship between Lorenzo Insigne and Carlo Ancelotti is not the best. It is not so. When in the environment someone has spread the word of a possible exoneration of the coach, Lorenzo Insigne, the captain, yes he is completely on the technician's side. The player would be absolutely against such a hypothesis despite the inevitable differences of views they might have had. "

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