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The 11-year-old child of Albanian descent brought back from Italy in December 2014 by his mother who wanted to join Isis returned to Italy today. The baby, whose mother would die in an explosion, ended up in the Al Hol refugee camp, north-east of Syria, where it was found. The boy was transferred with a scheduled Alitalia flight (AZ 827) shortly after 7:00 am at Rome Fiumicino airport from Beirut. His father and two sisters welcomed him. The Border Police is proceeding for the bureaucratic formalities and for the procedures for entrusting the child to the father.

"I promised you that you would return home. Now you are great, almost a little man." With these words, visibly moved, his father welcomed his son under the plane. Next to him the older sisters, who at the moment of embracing him handed him toys that belonged to the little one, before his mother took him away from Italy.

"When it was recovered in the refugee camp where it was located there were 70 thousand people, it was not easy, but it was welcomed like a young prince". To talk to the airport of Fiumicino is Maria Jose Falcicchia, Director of the SCIP, among the people who went to Syria to take back the 11-year-old child in Syria. "At first the little one, who no longer speaks Italian because he has forgotten him, but only Arabic and a little Albanian – Falcicchia explained – was wary, but he always smiled, he is fine".

"Dad, please take me home, I want to go back to school." Thus the child said to his father intercepted by telephone during the investigation of the Milan Counter-terrorism Prosecutor. "We were struck by the cries of pain from Syria of the little one and like him who knows how many," the Milan Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor, Alfredo Nobili, told the Rome airport.

"When he arrived in Syria in the caliphate area he was immediately drafted into the young 'levers'," prosecutor Nobili added. "I still remember from the wiretaps, having put under control, with their assent, the telephones of my father and his family, who received news from Syria of this desperate child who begged the parent asking him 'daddy, please take me home, I want to go back to school, "said the magistrate.

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